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A list of downloadable samples that demonstrate various features of MindFusion.WinForms.UI components.

WinForms UI Dock Control: Appearance

Dock Control: Company Structure

This sample demonstrates not only the interactive behavior of the dock control but also its vast range of customization options. Here you can see four dock items, each one with custom border, custom window headers and dock handles. The sample renders the structure of a company divided into 4 views, each one showing different data about the employees.

Download the sample in C#
Download the sample in VB.NET
MindFusion.WinForms.UI Controls

WinForms UI Layout Manager: Behavior

Dock Control

The DockControl sample emulates the familiar Visual Studio. Here you have several dock items that contain a variety of WinForms UI controls arranged to resemble the popular Microsoft IDE. The sample demonstrates mainly the user interaction possibilities of the control. You can play with the panels and test the smooth way in which each window is moved / docked / arranged / resized.

Download the sample in C#
Download the sample in VB.NET
Online Documentation: The Dock Control Class

WinForms UI Layout Manager: Cook Book

Dock Control: Cook Book (A Basic Application)

An entertaining sample that demonstrates the basics of the dock control. Here you can see how to add items to the layout control, how to initially align them and how to customize the appearance of the control. The sample sets various controls in the various dock items to give you an idea how flexible the layout composition of your application could be. There are no limits to the number and nature of the WinForms controls, which you can nest in the dock component.

Download the sample in C#
Download the sample in VB.NET
API Reference: Using the DockControl

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