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MindFusion Diagramming Library for Android, V1.5

Build the Perfect Diagram for Any Type of Android Device
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An Android Java Class Library

A native Java class library, which provides your Android application with rich capabilities for creating, editing and visualizing graphs, networks, flowcharts, algorithms, genealogy trees and much more.

The Component

MindFusion has leveraged its extensive experience in building reusable programming components and diagramming tools in particular, to create a Java class library that makes creating any type of flowchart an easy and enjoyable task. You have a rich set of predefined shapes so that the right one is close at hand when you need it. The library supports geometrical shapes, table and tree nodes, container nodes, and a stunning variety of connector options to make sure that whatever element your flowchart requires - it is there and ready to be used.

Diagram Appearance

Good looks are essential for mobile applications and DroidDiagram provides you with every feature you might need to style and design your flowchart the way you wish. Even more - the library comes with a rich choice of predefined themes so you can find and apply the perfect look with s single mouse click. In addition, there are many ways you can customize your diagram - from custom painting of nodes to a long list of pen and brush options and HTML-like formatting of text. Diagram nodes support a variety of appearance features - you can place in them text, images, make them semi-transparent or apply glass reflection effects.

Automatic Layout Algorithms

Building a big, data-rich diagram is a difficult task in itself without the hassle to find the perfect place for each element. That is why MindFusion has implemented a variety of graph layout algorithms that brings the arrangement of any diagram to creating an instance of the desired algorithm. Listening carefully to the needs and wishes of our numerous clients, we have implemented automatic layout algorithms suitable for any major type of diagram - tree, process, network, structural chart, hierarchy etc. Most of the algorithms provide customization options; all of them are applied with a single method call.

Graph Layout Algorithms in Diagram Controls.

User Interaction

Your Android application can offer the end users many ways they can interact with the diagram. From the basic actions - like scrolling and zooming - to more advanced ones like alignment guides that will assist the user in placing the new node at exactly the right location. With the help of DroidDiagram, you can easily add to your Android flowcharts copy and paste capabilities and undo/redo support. You have a variety of other options for viewing or interacting with the diagram ready at hand as well - the magnifier tool, the alignment grid or multiple selection of chart items.

DiagramViewer for Android

If you already own a license for a MindFusion.Diagramming component or would rather use a different platform than Android - you can still render your flowcharts on any Android device. Just download MindFusion Diagram Viewer component - it will load from XML any flowchart saved by any of our diagramming tools. Best of all - it is free of charge. Find out more at the "Diagram Viewer for Android" web page or download the tool from the following link:

Download Diagram Viewer for Android

"I'm very impressed by the MindFusion Diagramming product. It is very well designed and professionally implemented. In addition, they have a very responsive and helpful support forum."

Ms. Rennie Petersen, Manager Merlinia A/S, Denmark

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